Author's Note

I have to put this here, just so there's no confusion whatsoever.

There are several Christopher Santero's and Emily Zenner's on the web.

To be absolutely clear, nothing on this web site refers to any of the Christopher Santero's out west or the Emily Zenner who is prolific on Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Vine, Instagram and other social media, nor any of the ones in the midwest or southwest.

Those of you who are their friends will know exactly who I am referring to.

Those of you who are members of Band Reunion Tour or VoS will probably have a very good idea of who these two are.

Emily Zenner <The Deceiver>

Officer of Band Reunion Tour and member of VoS. The queen of sophistry and prevarication. The self-serving two-faced lying weasel of Burke. Formerly employed in the Burke library system. Currently employed as a library clerk by the Westchester Library System of Westchester County, New York.

I remember her protests like it was yesterday. She said even though we both felt the same way about each other, she cared too much about me to get involved in a long distance relationship, because they were always dead ends, and even if it wasn't a dead end, there was no end game! She insisted that moving and marrying was impractical, impossible, and out of the question! (That was her jumping ahead, not me)

In a nothing short of magical 3 week turnaround, she was literally hopping into the bed of a man who lived hundreds of miles away, when the only car between them was getting sold off, followed a couple of years later by her moving in with him, and later, wedding plans. So much for dead end! Impractical! Impossible! Out of the question!

The whole time acting all coy and stolid, as if hey, she had no hands in this, as if there was nothing she could do about any of it. All of this was incidental! Pretending to be my friend, telling me how important I was, acting like she was all about looking out for me, all of the window dressing done to deceive me, yet pleading and begging with me not to say anything to him.

She emptied her clip of worthless platitudes and did everything she could to keep me steady while she tried to square up my back. I can picture her frantically trying to figure out how to squeeze what she wanted out of him ASAP after realizing I wasn't having any of her condescending and patronizing bull.

All those times she denied that she was full of shit, swore that she wasn't lying to me, swore that I was the only person in the world who she could be truthful with, well it turns out she was indeed full of shit after all. Surprise! She sure proved me wrong about her!

And after all that, the irony-deaf hypocrite herself had the gall to lecture me about respect. It was my right to demand that she lie to my face and not over a text message which she could forget about as soon as the very next day when she would be fucking around in his Holiday Inn room outside Dulles. It's called decency, and I guess in a way, it was about respect, but not in the way she meant it.

Her name is Emily Zenner, and she is every bit the self-serving two-faced liar she came out as in 2011. For Game of Thrones fans, there's a four letter word that comes up often in the series that describes girls (yes girls) like her to a T. Emily Zenner, stand up and embrace what you are.

Christopher Santero <The Unwitting>

Member of Band Reunion Tour and VoS.

The Long Island legend. As insinuated by The Deceiver in our conversations, the one she could live off of; the one she said she was fooling.

Christopher Santero
Christopher Santero poses in this undated GitHub photo.

After his move from Long Island, NY and her move from Burke, VA, Chris and Emily now reside together in an apartment in Westchester, just steps outside of the Bronx.

40 Memorial Hwy
Suite 7P
New Rochelle, NY